Price List

Rental Fees Rent USD $8.99 /day Same price in over 100 countries
Deposit Zero  No deposit required
Delivery USD $9.90 Each way within Australia or New Zealand
Insurance USD $2.00 /day To reduce lost or damage compensation to half. (e. g. to reduce device compensation from USD $200  down to USD $100 )
Drop off different location USD $5.00 One off charge only when pick up and drop off at different locations
Compensation Fees Device fee USD $200.00 /each When the device is lost or damaged
Charging cable USD $15.00 /each When charging cable is lost or damaged
Mesh bag USD $10.00 /each When  mesh bag is lost or damaged
Cancellation or Amendment fees Cancelled 3 days before 5% of rent fees Cancelled ealier than Three (3) business days prior to pick-up or delivery
Cancelled within 3 days 20% of rent fees Cancelled within Three (3) business days prior to pick-up or delivery
Amendment fees Zero No extra fee to change the date of pick up or drop off
Late return fees Within 7 days USD $7.99 /day When late return within 7 days
After 7 days USD $200.00 /each When late return after 7 days
Delivery  customer Zero When delivered within 24 hours after due day
Delivery  customer USD $7.99 /day When late return within 7 days, it is USD $7.99 /day. If late return after 7 days, it is USD $200 for each device.


Unlimited data* is subject to Internet Service Providers’ (ISP) Fair
Usage Policy. These are implemented by in order to apply a bandwidth
cap to a user when a channel shared by many users becomes
overloaded. We recommend avoiding certain things that generally use
large amounts of data, such as steaming videos, and cloud based
updates. Enjoy around 500 Megabytes high-speed data every day, if
you exceed an ISP’s Fair Usage Policy, they might throttle your usage
by slowing down your data speed for a short period of time.